Mar 10

Government Secrets Hidden in Walls and Posters

I saw this and found it to be hilarious:

We like muddy men, do you like muddy men?

It reminds me of those "Wish you were here …" postcards, if those postcards depicted the worst possible "here" ever. Only it’s real, and plastered over the territorial army building next to Putney Bridge tube.

A realness bought home to me by Captain Mainwaring during my first attempt to take the picture above, which resulted in him somehow bending light, thusly;

They tested it on the army first, you know

To be fair, the distortion probably had more to do with him waving my feeble camera phone away, than any psycho abilities Dad’s Army may have picked up. "Please delete that picture right away. That is an army building". Naturally I didn’t, and came back later with a proper camera with zoom, because I am a childish twat.

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